Sunday, 11 February 2007

What's in a name?

OK, so I have to come up with first names for TWO heros (cos I'm working on the outlines for two new books). Now I find naming heros hard - there just aren't that many boy's names I like. By the time I've vetoed all the family names, ex-boyfriend's names - there aren't that many of those! ;), husbands of best friends names etc - well, the list just gets ever shorter.
Add to this the criteria where we want it to most definitely be a gender specific name (no Alex or Billy etc where it could in fact be a woman - yes, I've had to change my mind about Alex) and also a reasonably short name that's easy to say...

Any ideas?

Nappy changes = kazillion as ever; Did manage an extra long shower tho! VG!!


JENNA said...

Congrats on the shower!

I have a tickle file of names I come across and like for both H & h. I hardly use them, though. For the two I am working on I have Xavier & Jaime and Maxim & Amy. Yes...Jaime & Amy. I might change one of them. And I seem to have an X thing for my hunks at the moment.

Names are really important. Cooking Up A Storm refused to gel until I found Lauren. She was Bethany, Kendal, Ruby, & Nyla (which I liked, so used for her friend).

Anonymous said...

i don't understand why it HAS to be gender specific..... i was just starting to like Alex! :-|

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel (masculine but angelic at the same time!)
Heath (definately not Heathcliff but harks back)
Crispin, James, (I could go on)

Anonymous said...

OK today's letter is T.
Do you have any preferences re cultural origins? ie does it have to be Anglo-Saxon?

Tosho (Bulgarian)
Tamu (Maori for Thomas)

And i was going to add Trevor, but... no.